About Us

Barbie’s Formals is a business that carries Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal, Pageant, Gala, and Special Occasion gowns, shoes, jewelry, and many more accessories to make any event a *Cinderella Story*. Despite what the name suggests, Barbie’s Formals is actually named after the owner Barbie and not the Barbie doll, although we are known for our life sized Barbie doll box our customers take pictures in their Barbie’s Formals gown. Barbie established this business in 1986 out a passion for fashion and a desire to help ladies of all ages in their selection for that perfect gown for any occasion.

The idea first struck her when she helped her younger sister set up for Milton High School’s Prom, and in that moment realized her love for watching ladies and gentlemen transform into princesses and princes much like her favorite childhood story of *Cinderella*. Since her father Darrell “Duke” Clagg was a business man, she was guided on how to run a successful business, combining his knowledge with her passion. When it all began, Barbie’s Formals was only opened Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for a few hours a day. Now, Barbie has expanded hours to meet all the wishes and needs of her customers, opening her doors every day during Prom and Homecoming season.           

Barbie’s 28 years of experience, kindness, and hard work has created the business all of her customers know today. Barbie takes pride in customer service, and strives to make that Special occasion memorable. She has provided ladies with beautiful gowns, accessories, and smiles that will be remembered for years to come. Barbie and her employees have a goal to create that *Cinderella* moment for each and every lady that comes through the door. It is pure joy to see that gleam in a customer’s eye when you know they have found that perfect gown, and that is what drives Barbie’s Formals every day.